Old Heleans’ Society Autumn Lunch – 28th September 2018
The Society 2018 Autumn Lunch will again be held at Windelsham Golf Club, Surrey GU19 5HY. For those who have not previously attended - the Golf Club is located just off the M3 at junction 3.

The buffet menu is as follows: -

MAIN COURSE choice from
Confit Shoulder of Lamb, Shepherd’s Pie, Green Thai King Prawn Curry with rice
Mashed Potatoes, Honey & Thyme Roasted Root Vegetables; Mixed Leaf Salad with cherry tomatoes etc.

DESSERT COURSE choice from Baked Lemon Tart with berry compote, Chocolate Brownies with clotted cream

Followed by Tea or Coffee.  Arrive by 12.30 to sit down by 13.15

As usual there will be a complementary drink on arrival and all this for £28.00 (The Golf Club have been hugely supportive and last years charge was £30).

The Autumn Lunch is a very informal affair - some guys will come in jacket and school tie, others will come in open necked shirts. There are no dress rules. The whole purpose of the lunch is to enable a get together, a chat, sharing stories and a chance to catch up.

I should appreciate a cheque made payable to D J THOMAS and posted to Squirrels Leap 14 Lime Avenue CAMBERLEY GU15 2BS.  Alternatively payment can be made to myself by bank transfer to Lloyd Bank. Please email Derek for bank account details on derek.thomas100@virgin.net

I am hoping for strong support from Committee members travelling up from Devon. I do hope that you are able to join us at Windelsham and share a very relaxed and enjoyable day.
Kind regards
Derek Thomas
Annual General Meeting - 20th April 2018

The AGM of the Society was held on Friday 20th April 2018 at Devon Hotel, Matford, Exeter when 20 members of the Society were assembled. The Chairman, David Phillips opened the AGM at 6pm.

The agenda was as follows:
1. To receive apologies
2. To approve the 2017 AGM minutes (previously circulated in the magazine)
3. To receive the Chairman’s report
4. To receive the Treasurer’s report of the OH Society Accounts and the Endowment Fund
5. To receive the Membership Secretary’s report
6. The Committee
The current Committee proposes the following members for adoption by the AGM and to confirm for the three-year period 2018-21

President John Langdon, Chairman Barry White, Vice-Chairman Michael Judd, Secretary David Phillips, Treasurer Anthony Pugh, Magazine Editor Kevin White, Membership Secretary John Tolliday, Other Committee Members: Terry Harry, Dennis Mardon and Derek Thomas

7. AOB
After noting apologies the Chairman received approval for the 2017 AGM minutes (previously circulated in the 2018 Magazine).  The Committee had met three times during the year and proved a useful sounding board to the running of the Society. David Phillips expressed his thanks to the Committee for the 3 years in which he had the privilege to be Chairman of the OH Society.
The Treasurer provided a commentary to the accounts of both the OH Society and the Endowment Fund and declared that he was happy with the sound financial basis we have.
The Membership Secretary reported that the latest membership was 405 with the Society having recorded the deaths of 5 members since the last AGM.
The proposed new and remaining officers plus Committee Members were elected en-bloc.
The new Chairman made a few short remarks and thanked the Society for giving him the opportunity to take on the role of Chairman. The meeting concluded giving members the opportunity to obtain a drink before the Annual Dinner at 7pm.
Please note that this is a brief summary, the Secretary will produce the full minutes in due course and the draft minutes will be published in the 2019 magazine and then put to the next AGM for approval.
Annual Dinner
40 members then met for the Annual Dinner at the Devon Hotel.
After a lovely meal the Secretary (David Phillips) introduced the speaker Simon Carter.
Simon entertained those present with recollections of his time at Hele’s School (81-85) and also about the career he had pursued as a Sports Journalist. He spoke about being a life-long Exeter City FC fan and about his autobiography ‘Exeter City FC (Gus Honeybun... Your Boys Took One Hell of a Beating: A Love Affair in the Lower Leagues)’. The book contains amusing anecdotes, many about being a life-long supporter of Exeter City FC and also about his time at both Ladysmith School and Hele’s School.
A very sociable evening was concluded with a draw for Society funds and we finished at 10pm. Next year’s AGM and Annual Dinner date have not yet been agreed but will be publicised as soon possible.

Diary Dates

1. Summer Dinner and Social Evening – Thursday 12 July at Exeter Golf & Country Club. Please see details and the application form posted in the Events page on the website.
The dinner is open to all Society Members, wives and partners. It is limited however to a maximum number of 60 and applications will be on a first come basis.

2. Autumn Lunch for all Old Heleans’ – Friday 28 September at Windelsham Golf Club, Grove End, Bagshot GU19 5HY
Applications to Derek Thomas see contact details posted on the Events page

3. Visit to the NORMAN LOCKYER OBSERVATORY, Sidmouth – Possible date in September or October 2018. Details will be posted on the Events page

Barry White
A letter from the Chairman - December 2017

Dear Old Helean,
Where Does the Time Go?
As one of my favourite songs by Fairport Convention asks, Where does the time go? Another year nearly over, my final year of the three year term as your Chairman. At the AGM in April I hand over to Barry White. It has been an honour and I look forward to carrying on, serving the committee as secretary.
Its now some 33-34 years since Hele’s and Bishop Blackall became St. Peter’s in 1983 on the site at Southam that we called the New Building. I remember Mr Harrison proudly showing my class, IC, the gym as we sat on the varnished floor in crisp white shorts at the beginning of our first P.E. lesson. I also remember having to change into “indoor shoes” before walking the corridors and classrooms of the New Building. Where does the time go? Kevin White our magazine editor will always welcome contributions long or short with any of your memories... It's all social history.
It is partly because time is marching on that membership of the society is shrinking. Some of the more senior members are now finding it difficult to get to events, like the annual dinner. I wonder if, in time, we could encourage some of our younger former pupils to become members or to join us at the annual dinner.
I also wonder if, in time, a society of former pupils of St. Peter’s School will be formed. Perhaps, in time, a link with Old Heleans will be established before we become extinct! Schools can benefit in several ways from their alumni e.g. we hope to sponsor an annual mathematics prize and the endowment fund continues to support 2-3 pupils. In addition to financial advantages, former pupils can inspire current pupils and offer career advice.
Old Heleans are certainly not extinct yet, many former pupils have been in touch with each other on facebook. This group has been formed almost by chance. The partner of a former pupil posted something and interest “snow balled” from that. As I’ve previously stated, it is not the official voice from the Old Heleans’ Society, but the committee are pleased to hear of the interest it is generating.
For official notices from the Old Heleans’ Society, please refer to our Website. It is perhaps not so interesting or vibrant as facebook, which brings me to an appeal. The committee are still looking for someone to coordinate the content of the website, ensuring it is up to date and as interesting as possible for readers. Please contact me if you would consider helping.
Please put these dates in your diary:
Saturday March 24th Cliff Run V. Old Exonians (11am)
Friday April 20th AGM (6pm) / Annual Dinner (7pm) N.B. Earlier Start. Click HERE for a menu/ booking form
Best wishes to you all for a happy Christmas and good New Year.

8 Rumbelow Road, Tiverton, Devon EX16 6JT
Tel: 01884 232988 / Mobile: 07868 494168
E-mail: phillipshelean@gmail.com
Old Heleans Autumn Lunch September 2017
We had a good attendance again at this years Autumn Lunch and the event was again very enjoyable.  The whole emphasis is on informality . The purpose of the lunch is to enable a friendly get together with plenty of time to chat and reflect and to share stories of more recent interests and activities. 
Windlesham Golf club is well placed for the South East but not too difficult to get to from most of the south of England. There is plenty of parking and trains from London stop at nearby Sunningdale.
The Lunch again included Beef Bourguignon - got to keep Terry Harry happy and again there were seconds for those that were up to it.
Our three stalwarts –Tony Pugh, Mike Cann and Peter Rodd came along – still a 100% record over 8 lunches. It is good that Peter brings Diddy Wishlade along as he is no longer able to drive. It was also great to chat to Tony Battishill who is coping with ill health. Delighted to welcome Mike Roshier, Chris’s brother to his first lunch Good to get the support from the Devon contingent . Talk of organising a mini bus up from Exeter next year I hear.
Those that attended were
Fil Baker ,Tony Battishil, Mike Cann, Ian Carr, Lloyd Conaway, Paul Diamond, Terry Harry, Alan Kelleher, Dennis Mardon, John McCawley, David Phillips, Tony Pugh, Peter Rodd, Chris Roshier, Mike Roshier, Mario Sanvitale, Steven Scott-Perry, Kevin White, David Wishlade and Derek Thomas.
Pictured above is a photo of four of us chatting away at 4 pm. The four are Fil Baker, Steven Scott- Parry, myself and Alan Kelleher.  The Lunch has again been booked for 28 September 2018

Derek Thomas
Old Heleans Autumn Lunch September 2016
This years lunch was again held at Wincileshanm Golf Club. For the first time the weather was pretty miserable following amazing overnight storms. This affected the journey of a number of colleagues because rail journeys were delayed and roads were heavily congested/ Never the less everyone arrived safely
Although numbers were down compared with last year it was a delight to see new faces. John McCawley persuaded his brothel Damien and another friend Steven Scott Perry to join us It was also great to welcome back Chris Runciman. Chris lives in Tobago and most years sends his apologies because he is away but this year the lunch coincided with his stay in the UK
Fil Baker - a regular - turns out to be a vocalist and he "paid "for his lunch by selling copies of his latest CD
David Phillips - our Chairman - was accompanied by a number of committee members who had travelled up from Devon. David gave a short resume of the activities of the Committee and plans for the future
The main emphasis of the lunch is an informal opportunity to meet up, chat and reflect upon memories and experiences. Arrivals were from 12.30 and it was interesting to see guys chatting and sharing a glass of wine well after four in the afternoon
The room at the Golf club enables a lovely view over the Golf Course and complete privacy and meets are purposes ideally
Old Heleans attending were David Phillips, Fil Baker, Steve Bouette, Michael Cann, Paul Diamond, Terry Harry, Alan Kelleher. Dennis Mardon, John McCawley, Damien McCawley, Steven Scot, Perry, Tony Pugh, Peter Rodd, Chris Runciman, Mario Sanvitale, Kevin White, Diddy Wishlacle, and Derek Thomas
My records show that Michael Cann Tony Pugh and Peter Rodd have attended all of the lunches that I have organised since 2010. That is a tremendous record especially as both Michael and Peter have had spells of ill health.
The Autumn Lunch in 2017 will be held on 22nd. September at Windlesham Golf club
Derek Thomas organiser
  Bob's Blazer presented to Exeter museum
Bob Burgess with his School Blazer John Langdon (President) and David Phillips (Chairman) with Bob
Pictured above is Bob Burgess (our oldest member who was at the school from 1923 -31) with his Old Heleans' Society Blazer worn when he joined the Old Heleans' Society after leaving the school. He has presented it to Exeter museum and they have taken it and taken the
the necessary to preserve it.
Bob, accompanied by his daughter, was at the Museum on Wednesday the 20th. January 2016 for the formal presentation of the Jacket. Bob is pictured with the blazer, with the President John Langdon and Chairman David Phillips and with his daughter and members of the Committee

Robert Cripps
Terry Harry, David Phillips, Dennis Mardon, Anthony Pugh Sheila Burgess (Bob’s daughter), John Langdon, Barry White Bob Burgess  
Three Old Boys
The three oldest Old Heleans met for coffee with the President John Langdon recently. Bob Burgess age 101 joined Heles in 1924, Bob Selley, age 95 and Francis Luscombe age 95, both joined the school in 1931
Autumn Lunch, Windlesham Golf Club  19th September 2014
The 2014 Autumn Lunch was held on 19th September at Windlesham Golf Club, the fourth time this excellent location has been used as the venue. Long do we hope that Derek Thomas will retain his membership of the Club and continue to arrange this informal get together for the Society. All present were delighted to see Alan Kelleher in his School Cap and Philip Baker in “school colours” coordinated jacket, socks and shoes (far right in the photo) to go with his OH tie.  Derek reminisces about his involvement with the Autumn lunches as follows:  “This year’s lunch was the fifth that I have organised in the South East. The first lunch, in 2010, was held in central London at the Skylon Restaurant at the Festival Hall. We were in a public restaurant and it was less than ideal. Just 12 OHs attended.
Venues in London are difficult to find and invariably there is a Room Hire Charge. I regarded this as a real financial risk, with the difficulty of assessing likely numbers and, of course, the price that Old Heleans’ would need to pay.
The last four Lunches have been held at Windlesham Golf Club and this year’s was probably the most successful with 22 attending. We are lucky because the Golf Club has waived the room hire charge as I am a member of the Club.
Windlesham is easily accessible by Road being very close to junction 3 of the M3 and the Train service out of London is reasonably regular.
The whole purpose of the lunch is to create a relaxed, informal occasion with plenty of time to chat and meet new faces. I was delighted to see a number of regulars joined by some new and younger OHs. The place buzzed, the conversation never seemed to wane and there was lots of laughter.
We are also lucky to be so strongly supported by the OHs Committee travelling up from Devon. It is great for members from the South East to meet the President and the Chairman of the Society.
Another lunch is planned for 2015 and I have provisionally reserved Friday the 18th September at Windlesham Golf Club. Please put this date in your diaries. “  This year, 7 members of the Committee made the journey to Windlesham, The President and Membership Secretary John Langdon, Chairman Terry Harry, Treasurer Tony Pugh, Editor Kevin White, and Committee members Kevin Holman, Mike Judd and Dennis Mardon.
Other Old Heleans present were Ian Michael-Yeates, Brian Payne, Diddy Wishlade, Ted Trickey, Mike Cann, Peter Rodd, Tony Battishill, John Ingram-Marriott, Steve Bouette, Mario Sanvitale Paul Diamond and Lloyd Conaway.
Once again the meal was excellent value with drinks on arrival, wine and coffee with a main course of Beef Bourgignon or Fish Pie followed by a superb Lemon Tart. With Derek looking the other way several guests managed to have helpings of both main courses (no names mentioned as I promised Terry I wouldn’t) but I can attest that both were superb.
Our Chairman, Terry Harry commented “I have just mailed Derek and I commented on the excellent ambience of the day. It was a pleasure to see Heleans come from as far away as Kent and Bedford to see this occasion go from strength to strength. Derek is to be warmly congratulated for making the event so successful.”
Everyone present are now looking forward to next year’s event and hope that more Old Heleans will join the day.

Dennis Mardon
War Memorial Appeal and Rededication Service
Following a most successful appeal the amount raised was #3160. Work has been carried out to refurbish the War Memorial which is now in the new St. Peter's High School, Exeter. This  work has been undertaken by Mr. Laurence Beckford of Dulverton, a former pupil of Hele's School. There is to be further work carried out to the War Memorial later this year, also to the Honours Board, which is also at the new St. Peter's High School, Exeter, and the Fulford Chair, which is kept at Exeter Guildhall. Work has already been carried out to the Chairman's Chain of Office. There was a rededication service on Saturday 5th May, 2007, at St. Peter's High School, Quarry Lane, Exeter, and this was conducted by the Right Reverend Bob Evens, Bishop of Crediton, a former pupil of Hele's School, Exeter. The Bishop was also the guest of honour and speaker at the Annual Dinner on the previous evening. It was a very touching service and well attended by former pupils and their families.
Photographs will be on view at the next Annual Dinner and also shortly to be published on this website.
Further information from: Mr. David Phillips, Secretary - Telephone: TIVERTON (01884) 258649 or 07930 158053
The Autumn Lunch 2012
The Autumn Lunch held in September, 2011, was a successful event with 18 members in attendance. This group are enthusiastic and are discussing ways of expanding social activities. The group would welcome suggestions about future London events.  An Autumn Lunch in the South-east of England is planned for Friday 28th September, 2012, at Windlesham Golf Club, Surrey. It is being organised by Derek Thomas. All Old Heleans interested in attending or finding out more please contact Derek by e-mail: Derek.thomas100@virgin.net or write to him at: 14 Lime Avenue, Camberley, Surrey. GU15 2BS
You can also contact the Chairman by e-mail: apugh@hotmail.co.uk or write to him at: 10 Courtenay Gardens, Alphington, Near Exeter, Devon. EX2 8UJ
There will also be further information in the April, 2012, edition of the Old Helean magazine